Top 10 Amazing Animal Mothers Save Calf From Death Mothers Day Videos

Mothers Day Videos : It is said there is nothing like a mother’s love, and you don’t need to look far to find proof.

This Mother’s Day, 14th May world is celebrating mothers day to give tribute to all the Mothers. Be it humans or animals, every mother have same feelings for their babies. Here is beautiful mothers day videos showing what extent mothers can go to save their babies. Mothers Day is the time of year to give your mommy the love and affection she deserves. Even baby animals know that.

From cheetah to rhino and giraffe to Deer, the bond between mother and child transcends species.

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Happy mothers day videos 2017

Mothers Day Videos 2017

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Top 10 :

1. Cheetah saving her cubs from group of lions

2. Warthog Saves His Baby From Leopard Jaws

3. Female Wildebeest Vigorously Defends Calf

4. Wildebeest Defending Young from Leopard

5. Wild boar attacking crocodile to save its baby

6. Buffalo saves calf from Lion

7. Buffalo saves calf from Hyenas

8. Deer saves calf from Cheetah

9. Baby Rhino Saves His Mother

10. Giraffe saves calf lions

Mother’s Day is coming—and what better way to celebrate than by sharing with Mom the many ways in which the maternal spirit runs wild?

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Happy Mothers Day to all the Mothers.


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